Ten years ago…

Ten years ago I had just moved over from Tassie. I was in year 11 at Sandringham College as a Visual Arts student. My favourite subject… photography! I started that class with no idea how an image could go from a roll of film, to a negative then end up printed on photo paper. It seemed like magic to me!

I experimented with landscapes, but from very early on I wanted to take portraits. Looking back through my old work I can see even then my style was developing. Print after print of up close portraits. Intimate and fun. My major projects included portraits of my young brother & sister, as well as friends.

Even though it has been ten years, I can still remember the smell of the darkroom. The excitement as your image slowly appeared in the developer solution, under dim red lights. I can still hear my teacher telling me my print was too flat & to try again to boost the contrast. Such fond memories.

Here is a print of my sister Meg, who was only 7 at the time. Followed by one of her taken this year, at 17 years old.

Until next time xx