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Lifestyle photography is about capturing authentic images of people in real life situations.

As a mum of three, I have found my favourite photographs of my own children are the ones where they are being themselves. Having a bath, playing together, exploring and being their silly cheeky selves. They are the photographs that tell a little story.

Those images are so powerful; they transport you back to that moment in time, and help you remember little details that might otherwise be forgotten.


your questions answered

How much do you charge?

A lifestyle portrait session is $800. This covers my time and creative vision to capture and prepare 30 - 40 beautiful images. Your entire collection of images will be sent to you in an online gallery, for you to view and download.

Additional prints and wall art can be purchased from your online gallery.

Please contact me for a full price list.

Where do you take our photographs?

That is completely up to you! Sessions with newborns and young babies are usually in your home, where you can all relax and keep baby warm. Family sessions are often at a park or beach, during the last hour of daylight - the 'Golden' Hour'.

How long will the session take?

Sessions are very relaxed, and tend to take 1-2 hours.

Can I see more examples of your work?

I try to keep my blog up to date, which you can find by clicking 'Latest Work' from the top menu. 

Otherwise, click here for recent baby sessions or here for family sessions.

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