oscar’s birth | 10.04.2013 | melbourne mornington peninsula birth photography photographer

After months of preparation for a VBAC home birth, and weeks of pre labor, I arrived at 7.30am to a calm house. There was certainly a level of excitement that the birth day was actually here, but it was calm. Tarryn was labouring beautifully, with contractions picking up intensity as the hours ticked by.

This was the first time I had ever photographed a birth, and have a passion for women having a beautiful empowering experience, after my own daughters birth (which you can read about here). When I wasn’t taking photographs, I was filling up the birth pool, feeding their 3 year old daughter breakfast, chatting to the lovely independent midwives and being another support person. I absolutely loved it!

Unfortunately, despite intense regular contractions, Tarryn wasn’t progressing so the decision was made to transfer to hospital so she could have some pain relief and discuss breaking her waters to help things along. After some monitoring, and her waters broken, it was decided the best plan was for baby to be delivered by cesarean section.

Oscar was delivered at 6.18pm, weighing 2.94kgs.

I wasn’t allowed into the theatre, so was unable to photograph the actual delivery, but I waited for them to return to their room to capture some precious first moments in baby Oscar’s life.

Such an incredible experience I will never forget xx

oscar’s birth | 10.04.2013 from Vanessa Norris Photography on Vimeo.