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A woven fabric made from the fibers of flax plants. It is one of the oldest and most expensive textiles in the world.


Japanese cloths add a wonderful touch of luxury. Combining silk-like beauty with a delicate sheen and texure, these cloths are very popular.


A man-made fabric designed to imitate real suede. It has a lovely, soft feel to it, similar to velvet, but the pile isn't as thick and has a matte finish. Blind embossing is the only way to emboss these fabrics.


Soft, luxurious fabric with a beautiful, shiny appearance characterised by a dense pile of evenly cut fibres that have a smooth nap. Blind embossing is the only way to emboss these fabrics.

Classic Leather

Buttery soft, corrected grain with a full pigment finish.

Premium Leather

Beautiful Aniline leather, well known for its amazing surface grain and texture. it is dyed leather without pigment applied. Please be aware that natural scarring is more prevalent. These blemishes do not affect durability.

Boutique Book / $990

Cloth cover + standard box

(included in Complete Package


Extra layout  $40

Leather cover  $140

Cloth Folio Box  $200

Leather Folio Box  $350

Duplicate 6-inch album  $330

Handmade clamshell box, with an acrylic lid to display your chosen image. Inside are ten 6x8 lustre prints in 8x10 mats, ready to frame.

Copy Albums

Made with the same material as your feature album but without cover embossing